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        When the fragmented Cherry Blossom rain in Yangchun drags its long steps through the tired dusk, when the dim fragrance in the wind flies away, lighting the threshold of memory, when the noisy cicadas in summer overflow, fading the noisy afternoon, the focus of the moment stays in this city which is inconsistent with each other.

        I stood in awe, looking at the unknown sky with a 45 degree look, and sighed slightly.

        Years drift, mottled withered; those stories happening on street corners, like bookmarks in the notebook, like years of water, without trace. The wind blows and the clouds disperse; the flowers blossom and I laugh.

        I am me. My name is Zhang Peng.

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    【About Dreams】 I walk lonely, I think I can reach the end of the world by walking all the time; I dance alone, I think I can catch up with spring by dancing all the time.

    【About Happiness】 Every time I look up at the stars, I want to ask for the direction of my heart; every night I wait for the warmth of my true feelings; every time I listen quietly, I want to chase the true meaning of my dream; every time I comb carefully, I want to chase the happy appearance.

    【About Reality】 Once thought that sticking to a persistence is a kind of strong, a hope, that as long as you grow up, you can always smile. However, when I am no longer naive, I know that the pain of growing up is much sharper than I imagined.

    【About Memories】 When the stars in the night sky have fallen asleep, when the streets at midnight are no longer noisy, who will open the door of our hearts gently, one by one miss.

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